Streaming Real Time Data


You can get real time data streamed straight to your backend server through our Websocket API!

There are two easy steps to this:

  • Install either our TerraRTiOS SDK or TerraRTAndroid SDK (depending on the OS you are working on)
  • Connect to our Websocket API as a developer

After you have connected as a developer, you should see all the user's data coming in from the socket connection.


Websockets Guide

Want to learn more about connecting to websockets? Check out our blog here.

Install the SDK

Installing our SDKs can be as simple as a one line code execution on your project.

After the installation, follow the SDK reference to connect to a wearable or provider to start streaming data. This is all controlled in our SDK, so all you have to do is ask the user which device they want to connect to and when to start and stop streaming!

The SDKs also come with a widget that allows you to connect to Bluetooth Low Energy devices easily.


Bluetooth Low Energy Connection Widget

Connect to our Websocket API

After you have established a connection through our SDK and that the user has started streaming data, you simply have to connect to our websocket API as a developer. You can find out more here.

We already have working code that you can use to test this out as well. Check out our Recipes for this: