Terra Docs

Terra provides you with a quick and simple way to connect your app to your users' wearable data

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Experience the Terra Web API in under 5 minutes!


A guided walkthrough of the Terra API

Choose the product that fits your needs

Backend installation

Use Terra's API wrappers on your server backend

Mobile installation

Access data from mobile-only providers such as Apple and Samsung

Livestream Data

Set up your wearables to receive data

Backend connection

Set up your server to receive live heartrate from users

Mobile connection

Set up your mobile app to capture & stream data from users' wearables

Streaming SDK reference

Description of all available functions in mobile streaming SDKs


Detailed documentation and guides

Connect users

Link your users' fitness accounts to your app

Event Types

List of all webhook event types & what they mean

Data Models

View how data is unified across all fitness data sources

Request Data

Get historical data for your users

API Reference

API endpoints & corresponding wrapper functions

Mobile SDK reference

Reference to all mobile SDK functionality