Welcome to Terra

Our API is now running version 2 - version 1 is now deprecated

With this guide you can:

  • Demo the JSON responses
  • Find our list of integrations
  • Access our widget


Terra makes it easy to access fitness and wellness data (daily activity, workout, biomarkers etc) using webhooks.

Our API is organized around Webhooks. Our API uses authentication, verbs, standard HTTP response codes, and Webhook responses to your callback url.

Daily generated data, such as steps, activity, sleep etc, are immediately sent to your Webhook url via POST .

For backlog data, we use HTTP requests, and once the data is fetched, it is again sent to your url via POST

All requests made to our API require an API key, and a developer ID. Our API provides a granular permissioning system that authorizes individual products based on end-user consent. Applications can quickly authorize and interact with fitness providers through the Terra API.