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Welcome to the Terra developer hub. Here you will find documentations on the Terra API.

Terra provides you with a quick and simple way to connect to fitness wearables data to build your app.

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Quickstart Guide

In Terra, we provide many different products suited to different needs.

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Introduction to the API

Our REST API provides a quick way of getting semi-real time data and historical data to your backend from our backend for over 20 different integrations.

Introduction to real time streaming

To truly experience the power of our SDK's, we also provide a Websocket API for you to stream real time data from Bluetooth Low Energy devices and data retrieved from on-device sensors.

Introduction to mobile development

Looking for an easy integration for mobile apps? We support this by providing SDKs (both iOS and Android). We provide SDK's in React-Native, iOS, Android, and Flutter allowing you to connect to Apple Health, Samsung Health or Bluetooth Low Energy Devices.

Introduction to the Widget

Want a quick and easy way for authentication without worrying about the frontend design? We provide a widget that does just that.

Navigating your console

Manage your subscription via the dashboard. It provides all the tools you need to get started integrating as soon as possible.