January Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of January!

Backend 💾

New Integrations

  • Added integration with iHealth (developers must have their own set of keys due to a limitation placed on us by iHealth).

New Features

  • Allow passing of additional parameters to the authenticate user endpoint to enable custom redirects without using widget sessions, as well as passing of reference ID similar to widget sessions.


  • Data normalisation will now no longer error if a provider omits some non-essential fields from our data request.
  • Endpoints will now respond with a more appropriate error code when a data GET request is made for a user that has not yet completed authentication.
  • Data resolution and activity types have been improved for various data providers.
  • Improved widget login screens to prevent abnormal behaviour on devices with small screens.
  • Data type casting will no longer produce the wrong types on some fields for various providers.
  • Bulk user info now requires the POST method not GET method to prevent payload mangling.
  • Unauthenticated users will now be purged after 15 minutes to prevent your developer ID's user limit from being reached prematurely.


  • Fixed Wahoo activities not being processed if the FIT file request returned an error.
  • Fixed users sometimes not being redirected to the correct url if authentication was cancelled prematurely.
  • Fixed user authentication payload sometimes being sent to developer webhooks even when authentication had failed.
  • Fixed summary ID being omitted for activity payloads for some providers.


  • Add demo application and SDK library for interacting and pulling data from the Samsung Health app (only available for Samsung phones).