2021 December Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of December!

Backend 💟

New Features

  • Implemented widget sessions to allow your developer ID and API Key to be hidden from the user during authentication.
  • Implemented custom authentication success and failure redirects when authenticating using the widget to improve flow for users.
  • Implemented passing of a reference_id field which will be sent to your webhook URL upon user authentication to allow easier linking of payloads with users of your service.
  • Added HMAC signature verification to allow ensuring that webhook payloads came from Terra.
  • Added GET /menstruation endpoint - currently this data is only provided by Garmin.


  • Fixed issue where authenticating with Polar would sometimes not allow access to user data.
  • Fixed some fields not being present in payloads for certain providers.
  • Fixed the user deregistration only soft-deregistering users from the service - users tokens are now revoked to ensure Terra no longer has access to the data.
  • Fixed issue where timezone data for some providers would show as UTC in the timestamp, but the data was not actually in UTC time


  • New WearOS SDK available which allows streaming of activity data to Terra using the watch's WiFi connection. A bluetooth low energy SDK is under development.
  • New Apple SDK to allow retrieval of data from HealthKit which supports streaming of data to Terra using the phone's WiFi connection.