2023 July Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of July!

Backend 💾


  • Calories samples are now available for Fitbit - Daily
  • MyFitnessPal integration has been added again!
  • Technogym payloads now include samples
  • Apple nutrition payloads will now send timezones
  • Different destinations outside of Webhooks are now supported!
    • Destinations such as S3, and SQL databases have been added
  • Return the correct RR Interval values for Apple Body payloads

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Withings sleep data were not sending in correct timezone
  • Fixed a bug where body fat percentage was not coming through for Apple
  • Fixed a bug where future dates could be requested from Fitbit
  • Fixed a bug where empty payloads were still being sent


TerraiOS v1.3.22

  • Add laps support for indoors swimming workouts
  • Fixed a bug where in bed sleep samples are not returned correctly
  • Fixed a bug where background delivery would not execute if the app is reinstalled
  • Fixed a bug where routes data were not fetched correctly causing crashes


Landing Page

  • Our landing page has gotten a completely new design and revamp. Check it out here: https://tryterra.co


  • A new dashboard has been released as beta.
    • Allow multiple destinations
    • Access to many more different products such as Graphs API
    • New debug tools: Graphs and analytics
    • Allow developers to sign in and sign up using Google, Apple, Github
    • New AI powered widget customisation
    • Better team management system
    • Access to data compliance agreements
    • Allowing paused connections