2022 February Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of February!

Backend 💟

New Integrations

  • Added integration with FatSecret.
  • Added integration with FreestyleLibre.

New Features

  • Added GET /nutrition endpoint for fetching nutrition (meals etc.) data. Currently provided by the following providers: Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, Samsung, FatSecret.
  • Added the ability for the dashboard data generator to generate data with the appropriate fields for each provider.
  • Added the ability to have webhook payloads uploaded to S3 instead of being directly posted to the webhook URL. A link will be sent to the URL instead and you will have to download the payload manually.


  • Reduced the scopes being requested from certain providers where possible to prevent overwhelming the user with a large list of scopes to accept.
  • Rewritten task queueing system reduces potential for webhook delays as well as preventing queue overloading in the future.
  • Various normalisation improvements to allow normalising of previously ignored fields as well as new fields added by the providers.


  • Data from the athlete endpoint would previously return in an invalid format if to_webhook was not provided or was true. The data is now consistent with the other endpoints.
  • Fix FreestyleLibre authentication flow not sending authentication payloads once completed.
  • Fix dashboard webhook statistics not being shown correctly for non-production environments.
  • Fixed processing of activity notifications from Garmin causing them always to be normalised to an empty datamodel.