2023 September Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of September!

Backend 💾


  • Integrations:
    • Flo
    • MapMyTracks
    • Zepp
  • Garmin now returns VO2Max in Daily payloads
  • Add Peak power samples to Planned Workouts
  • Add more nutrients data for MyFitnessPal integration
  • Webhooks are now processed at a much faster rate than before! (From a couple minutes to a few seconds)
  • TrainingPeaks now return Heart rate zones
  • Omron US is now back up!
  • All developers will now have a default webhook interval of 5 minutes!

Bug fixes

  • Manual Google sleep session are now marked correctly as manual
  • Oura now returns Meditation workouts with correct ActivityType mapping
  • Fixed a bug with Huawei where authentication would fail if subscription endpoint not set

Graphs API 📊

  • Allow you to get graphs from get data endpoints directly.
  • Graphs now update automatically via a session
  • Subsequent graphs loads a lot faster now


TerraiOS v1.4.8

  • You can now enable background delivery even if Background Modes is used by another package!
  • Data retrieval in app is now faster by 10x
  • Apple stand hours are now returned as an activity intensity in daily payloads
  • Sleep payloads are now more reliable for multi sources!
  • Libre Pro Activation cannot happen more than once.
  • ECG Data can now be retrieved in Body data

  • A custom version for a legacy Samsung Health SDK has been released. If you would like to use this version, please contact us at [email protected]!


Landing Page

  • New Blogs page (https://tryterra.co/blog)
  • Updated video on graphs API page
  • Updated UI on Podcasts Page
  • Updated Customer Stories page
  • Updated SDK Products page


  • Added German Language to the widget


  • Added new destinations to dashboard!
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Simple Queue System
    • SQL Databases
    • MongoDB
  • Added configuration for scopes changes per developer
  • Fixed a bug where Github Auth does not display a correct error on login