2023 October Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of October!

Backend 💾


  • The USER ID from the Wearable company end is now provided in the athlete endpoint called resource_user_id.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused MyFitnessPal integration to be down
  • Fixed a bug where if only hypnogram samples have been updated in a sleep payload, we will deduplicate it.
  • Fixed a bug where we return a 500 error if no destinations have been set for a developer ID
  • Fixed a bug where if COROS does not send a FitFile, we do not send the activity
  • Fixed a bug where WHOOP activities/sleep payloads were not triggered on webhook
  • Fixed a bug in KETOMOJO Integration where get body would not return data correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Fitbit Oxygen Saturation samples did not have timezones
  • Fixed a bug where Polar Daily data were not triggered as often as they could be

Odin AI

  • Odin AI can now generate workout and recovery plans!
  • Odin AI now uses peer-reviewed research to power its recommendations


TerraiOS v1.5.1

  • Apple stand seconds are now returned as an activity intensity in daily payloads
  • Add iOS 17 features:
    • Cycling Cadence
    • Cycling Power
    • Cycling Speed
    • (Running Speed)

  • Expose isPaired, complicationEnabled, watchAppInstall to a listener to observe changes when watch state changes as well
  • Extend startRealtime to websocket callback to execute on websocket connection dropping
  • Remove Null names from Bluetooth Scanning
  • Expose communication channel between Watch OS and iOS device

  • Request additional added permissions for bluetooth scanning.


Landing Page

  • Update individual customer stories page


  • Fix Swedish language on widget page


  • Added new destinations to dashboard!
    • Firestore
  • Added new processing type to dashboard:
    • Fit File (Only on Webhooks and S3 storage).
      • N.B Fit Files are standards for workouts. For any other data types, please use normal Terra payloads
  • Added a Provider Logs page, which shows all the payloads' metadata sent from wearables for a given user: https://dashboard.tryterra.co/dashboard/debug
  • Analytics - Connected Device graph now shows total users connected as well as how many users connected in a given period.
  • Tags added for connections to let you know which ones are API + SDK and which ones are SDK only.
  • Connections are now sorted by priority (popularity)
  • When adding a destination, we will ping it to make sure it is valid. If not, we will display an error on what went wrong.