2023 May Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of May!



  • Graphs API got a massive upgrade! We have added new data graphs and small customisations to fit your needs. Want to find out more? Sign up now: https://tryterra.co/products/graphapi
  • Improve default test graphs and graphs on exception

Backend 💾


  • Add Freestylelibre SDK trend calibration for both Libre Pro and One
  • Updated unknown activity types for Strava
  • Reference IDs are now included in reauth webhooks
  • List users endpoint is now paginated
  • Komoot activity types are now mapped correctly
  • Garmin sleep payloads will now include resting heart rate
  • Garmin daily now sends much faster
  • Payloads are now cached for a day and can be requested for debugging purposes!
  • Optimise the usage of fitbit requests
  • All payloads will now contain calculated values when values:
    • Are not provided by wearable
    • Can be calculated by data provided by them. (for example average heart rate is not provided, but heart rate samples were, hence we can compute the average)
  • RR-Interval data is now available (only for Apple Health at the moment)
  • Added timer_duration_seconds field for samples in Apple Health payload
  • Updated data generator to correctly reflect data returned and for new integrations
  • Drastically improve Libre One calibration algorithm for SDK scans

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where wake_up_latency_seconds field were not returning values in seconds for Biostrap
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Libre One values were not calibrated correctly (via SDK scans)
  • Fixed a bug where Omron data timestamps were not in the correct timezone


TerraiOS v1.3.14

  • Trigger events are made independent (i.e Activity, Daily, Sleep, etc. can trigger on their own more often)
  • Fixed a bug where Menstruation data were not triggered by Background Delivery properly
  • Fixed a bug where Terra.instance method did not recreate a new instance every time.
  • Fixed a bug where Libre Pro trends do not get calibrated sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where getBody does not return correctly sometimes
  • Added trend data calibration
  • Added Interbeats data for Body
  • Added Distance in swimming indoors

TerraAndroid v1.4.11

  • Add timezone to all payloads
  • Sort Freestylelibre on return in ascending order according to timestamp
  • Correctly initialise TerraManager everytime Terra.instance is called
  • Added Trend data calibration for Libre 1 and Libre Pro
  • Samsung data now sends payloads with timezone

React Native v1.4.12

  • Updated Native SDKs

React Native Realtime SDK v0.1.0 (Beta)


  • New landing pages for our new products OdinAI and Graphs API