2023 June Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of June!

Backend 💾


  • New debugging tools have been enabled for the Terra API. You may now trace and find out different metrics in the headers of webhooks we sent such as:
    • How long a webhook has been sent to Terra by the provider before you received it
    • Trace ID for a webhook. If any support is needed, please quote this to us and we can help you out further with tracing.
    • Dev Id and user Id is now being sent along in the headers of requests
  • A new test integration has been released to allow you to incorporate the authentication method testing in your CI / CD pipeline
  • Open API spec has been released for public use: https://docs.tryterra.co/reference/openapi-specification
  • Coros now supports pushing planned workouts
  • A new Libre Pro calibration algorithm is out for SDK scanning
  • Planned workouts meta data now has an ID field.
    • This allows you to delete and get planned workouts based on ID
  • Added swimming cadence to Suunto
  • Samsung Health returns in bed time if it is not provided by the SDK by calculation
  • Withings daily data now contains sleep score

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where apple distance and step samples went above the total amount displayed
  • Fixed a bug where Garmin may sometimes not request for a range of dates due to multiple requests were made
  • Fixed a bug where Fitbit returned future dates
  • Fixed a bug where Withings Body data was not sending at times due to timezone differences
  • Fixed a bug where posting planned workouts to Garmin/TrainingPeaks failed if it was over a month
  • Fixed a bug where freestylelibre users were not allowed to log in unless 2FA was set up


TerraiOS v1.3.17

  • If custom permissions are used, upon reinstall of the app, the app will request for the same permissions as passed before the uninstall
  • Fixed a bug where daily/body data did not return the correct metadata dates if a large request was made
  • Fixed a bug where background delivery will not execute if the app was deleted and reinstalled

TerraAndroid v1.4.13

  • Add check auth functionality

React Native v1.4.12

  • Updated Native SDKs
  • Added check auth functionality


  • The data generator is now completely dynamic and will update as new integrations come out!
  • The data models in the integrations page of https://tryterra.co has been updated to new models!