2023 August Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of August!

Backend 💾


  • Fitbit sleep now returns device type
  • Data generator for Ketomojo EU and US has been added
  • Drastically improve speed for de-authenticating user requests
  • Dexcom EU and JP are now supported
  • HRV data has now been added to Fitbit daily payloads
  • Detailed integrations endpoint has been updated to reflect new added integrations

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where hammerhead was not providing correct activity intensity values
  • Fixed a bug where hammerhead activities were not correctly labelled with ACTIVITY TYPE
  • Fixed a bug where Huawei webhooks were not being initialised correctly
  • Fixed a bug with get bulk users endpoint
  • Fixed a bug where Huawei heart rate data was not being sent correctly
  • Fixed a bug for Freestyle Libre login where the user may appear connected, but have not been authenticated fully.

Graphs API 📊

  • Graphs API is now powered by a chat bot


TerraiOS v1.3.23

  • Added milliseconds precision to RR - Intervals
  • Fixed a bug where HRV was not being returned correctly for body payloads
  • Daily data now also returns oxygen saturation data
  • Mindfulness activities now include correct timezone
  • 1.4.3 Beta version
    • New Background delivery system that improves speed drastically!


Landing Page

  • OdinAI and Graphs API is now accessible from navigation bar
  • Updated podcasts page
  • New Terra updates timeline
  • Many small graphic updates!


  • The new dashboard is now live! https://dashboard.tryterra.co
    • Allow multiple destinations
    • Access to many more different products such as Graphs API
    • New debug tools: Graphs and analytics
    • Allow developers to sign in and sign up using Google, Apple, Github
    • New AI powered widget customisation
    • Better team management system
    • Access to data compliance agreements
    • Allowing paused connections
    • View and replay old webhooks
    • Provider health statuses