API Updates

  • (FreestyleLibre SDK): Improve calibration used for Libre Pro sensors
  • (FreestyleLibre API): Localize timezones in metadata & adjust samples returned accordingly

SDK Updates

  • (Apple): store permissions previously granted. This means that if using custom Permissions having previously authenticated a user, re-authenticating them again using initTerra will automatically pull up the same previously requested permissions


  • Add Dutch language
  • Fix parts of the widget not being translated correctly


  • (FreestyleLibre): Fix error causing glucose samples to be repeated
  • (Data generator): Fix error causing payload to be nested within "data" field
  • (Concept2 Activities): Properly parse rest times between workout intervals
  • (Fitbit): fix a bug where data with a future date would be sent
  • (Garmin): resolve race condition upon requesting multiple large backfills for different data types