API Updates

  • (Withings): Add sleep score to daily payloads
  • (FreestyleLibre-Body): Add GMI, Time in Range, sensor usage, and daily patterns to glucose data
  • (Google-Activity): Add data that each device contributes to under data_provided in device_data
  • (Suunto-Activity): Add swimming cadence in strokes per minute under cadence_rpm
  • (List Integrations endpoint): Add functionality to allow filtering based on providers selected on Dashboard


  • (Data Generator): automate data generator to be self-updating, so all fields should always match the most up-to-date ones


  • (Freestyle Libre): Various updates for login & data fetching, causing errors due to updates in the Libreview API
  • (Wahoo): fix error causing some activities to have errors during normalization
  • (List integrations endpoint): Fix missing data types not being output for each provider
  • (Fitbit-body): Prevent Fitbit from returning data from the future 🛸
  • (Garmin-planned-workouts): Fix bug causing requests for over a month of data to error
  • (Samsung): Fix a bug causing in-bed time not to be returned when no sleep samples are present
  • (Polar-Google-Activity): Correct average speed values for activities
  • (with_samples parameter): correct functionality for the with_samples
  • (Withings Body): Localize all timestamps in users' time zone
  • (Strava Activity): fetch speed samples as provided by Strava instead of calculating based off Distance samples
  • (Withings Body): Fixed a bug preventing HR and SpO2 data from being fetched when a user had ECG data present

Graph API

  • Add support for Garmin


  • Improve custom embeddings for workout recommendations