OpenAPI Specification

Open API Specification for all of Terra API along with its data models and webhook events

The OpenAPI Specification (OAS), formerly known as Swagger, is a widely adopted industry standard for documenting and defining RESTful APIs. It provides a machine-readable description of the API, allowing developers to understand and interact with the API more effectively. The OpenAPI Specification is typically written in YAML or JSON format and consists of various sections that define the API endpoints, request and response formats, authentication mechanisms, and other important details. By using the specification, developers can generate client SDKs, server stubs, and interactive documentation automatically, saving time and reducing the potential for errors. The OpenAPI Specification serves as a contract between the API provider and consumers, enabling better collaboration, interoperability, and ease of integration across different platforms and programming languages.

Terra Open API Specification

We provide an open api specification in the case you would like to automatically generate endpoints and frameworks within the language you work with.

To download this, press here.