Terra WebSocket API



REST Endpoints: https://ws.tryterra.co
Websocket connection endpoint: wss://ws.tryterra.co/connect


The Terra WebSocket API provides a method of sending to and receiving from real-time data streams to allow almost instant access to wearable data as it is being recorded. Many of the various Terra SDKs have out-of-the-box support for the streaming of data to the websocket service.

Data flow in a real time streaming connection

Data flow in a real time streaming connection

See Integrations for a full list of SDK-based integrations which support websockets.

How it works

Real-time streaming of wearable data is achieved using the Terra Streaming Protocol.

Four components participate in the protocol:

  1. Wearable Device
  2. Terra Streaming Producer (your mobile app)
  3. The Terra WebSocket Service (Terra's server backend)
  4. Terra Streaming Consumer (your server backend)

The Terra Streaming Protocol describes the way data is streamed in real time from a wearable device to a Terra Streaming Consumer.

First, a user connects their wearable device to your mobile app over Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT+, using one of the real-time streaming SDKs. Your mobile app then sets up a Terra ST producer connection with the Terra WebSocket Service, again using the real-time streaming SDK.

Finally, for your server backend to read the data stream from the wearable, you will need to set up a Terra ST consumer connection with the Terra over WebSockets. Data from the wearable will then start arriving at connection!

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