5. Mobile Setup

Getting Started

Setting up

Authenticate Users

Getting Data

Parsing Data

API Settings

Mobile Setup






Data Models


The primary use of the mobile SDKs is to allow you to access data from providers who do not have a Web API (e.g. Apple, Samsung, see the integrations page for the full list).

You can also pair and scan Freestyle Libre sensors using the SDKs. Checkout the Freestyle Libre reference for more information.


If you do not need to access the mobile-only integrations, there is no reason to use these SDKs!

If you need to access Terra's web API, it is more secure to do so from your server backend and send the desired data to your mobile frontend.

Using the Terra Mobile SDKs

You can install the SDK on your mobile application depending on your tech stack

For more information about the mobile SDKs, visit Mobile SDK Reference.