Method to initialise a connection for APPLE HEALTH or FREESTYLELIBRE

Instance method of TerraManager

initConnection(type: Connections, 
               token: String, 
               customReadTypes: Set<CustomPermissions>, 
               schedulerOn: Bool, 
               completion: @escaping (Bool, TerraError?) -> Void))
  • type: Connections ➡ An ENUM from the Connections class signifying the connection you wish to initiate for.
  • token: String ➡ A token used for authentication. Generate one here:
  • (Optional) customReadTypes: Set<CustomPermissions> ➡ This is defaulted as an empty Set. If you want to make a more granular permissions request, you may send us a set of CustomPermissions: An enum provided so you do not need to interact with HealthKit.
  • schedulerOn: Bool ➡ A boolean dictating if you wish turn on background delivery. Defaults to true. Please see Background Delivery section for setup.
  • completion: @escaping (Bool, TerraError?) -> Void ➡ A callback with a boolean dictating if the initialisation succeeds.