Getter function to retrieve athlete data from Apple Health

Instance method of TerraManager

getAthlete(type: Connections, 
         toWebhook: Bool, 
         completion: @escaping (Bool, TerraAthleteDataPayloadModel?, TerraError?) -> Void)
  • type: Connections ➡ The Connection to get data from
  • toWebhook: Bool ➡ Whether or not to send data to your webhook
  • `completion: (Bool, TerraAthleteDataPayloadModel?, TerraError?) -> Void ➡

Bool -> If the request was successful or not. If not, a TerraError instance will also be called
TerraAthleteDataPayloadModel? -> A payload for each data type. If toWebhook is set to true, this returns a class with a property reference referring to the payload reference sent to your webhook. If toWebhook is set to false, then this returns the entire Terra normalised payload.
TerraError? -> Returned if any error occurred while retrieving data