Freestyle Libre Guide

Make sure you initialised a FreestyleLibre Connection!!


Currently only Libre 1, Pro/H and Libre 2 (UK) are supported!

Libre 2 US and Libre14Days US are not supported currently.

For FreeStyleLibre, you simply have to scan your sensor and the data will be sent directly to your webhook! Please note you will need to wait for 2 vibrations with the second one being much stronger and lasts 1 second!

*A scan will try to activate the sensor immediately if it's not active!

We also provide a callback function for data:

readGlucoseData(completion: (FSLSensorDetails?) -> Unit)

This function polls the phone till a reading is done. There is a default timeout of 60 seconds. If no scan happens in 60 seconds, the completion callback will callback with null.

Otherwise, it will complete with FSLSensorDetails? with the following structure:

data class FSLSensorDetails(
    val sensor_state: String,
    val status: String,
    var serial_number: String = "",
    var data: TerraGlucoseData = TerraGlucoseData()

FSLSensorDetails is a data struct for the data returned by the sensor. For more details checkout the Android SDK Reference.

TerraGlucoseData follows the same structure as shown in our glucose data field from our models