Some users may inquire about missing data, and you may not be sure what's going on.

Here are a few things to do in order to understand where the issue lies

User logged in with the wrong account

(This happens more often than you'd think)

Some users may have logged in with the wrong account. In order to verify the account that they're using matches with the Terra user ID that they've generated, you may follow the following procedure for the integrations below.

Getting the account's user ID on the provider's end

Terra always a user_id for each connection. To get the user ID that the provider (e.g. Garmin, Fitbit etc) uses, you can use the athlete endpoint in order to retrieve that, which will be under the field provider_user_id. Once you have obtained that, follow the guidelines below for each provider.


For FreestyleLibre, a user's profile URL takes the form{provider_user_id}/profile.

If we have connected your users to your own Libreview practice, you may simply substitute provider_user_id with the one retrieved from the athlete endpoint and visit the link above. You'll then be able to see the user's account email, name, and data present on their account, by clicking on the "Glucose History" tab.

Often enough, users will have logged into an account with little data, really old data, or no data at all by mistake, without realizing it. You can then share a screenshot of that view with your user in order to help them log into the correct account instead.


Launch your Fitbit app (make sure you're using the latest Fitbit app version), click your Fitbit avatar in the top left corner, then click your Fitbit display name to view your profile. Then Click "Personal" and go to the next page, your Fitbit User ID is located at the bottom.

Check to make sure your user's Fitbit user ID matches the one retrieved by the athlete endpoint


Using the provider_user_id obtained above, navigate to{provider_user_id} .

Invalid username

Seeing a page like this:

indicates that the username entered by the end user is invalid. In the case above, the user accidentally entered their email instead of their username. Have them log in once more, following the "how-to" guide presented in the login screen

Disabled diary sharing

The page below:

Indicates the user failed to enable diary sharing/disabled it since they authenticated through Terra. In order to remediate this, have the user re-enable diary sharing with the same password used during initial authentication, or have them re-authenticate after having enabled diary sharing as per the "how-to" guide in the login screen