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Data Models


Our data models are at the core of what makes Terra easy to use; no matter which of our providers you want to connect to, you can expect the same formats and units.

There are eight fundamental data models:

  • TerraUser - a Terra User object, equivalent to one wearable connection
  • Activity - workouts performed during a given time period
  • Athlete - user identifying information (first name, last name, email etc.)
  • Body - body metrics of the user for a given time period
  • Daily - summary of the user's daily activity metrics
  • Menstruation - the user's menstruation data for a given time period
  • Nutrition - nutrition data such as micronutrients, macronutrients, and foods consumed
  • Sleep - data recorded pertinent to a sleep session for the user

For all data models other than TerraUser and Athlete, one instance of a data model holds aggregate data over a specific time period (defined by a start-time and end-time). The individual datapoints collected over the time period is also available in the form of an array of Samples .

Data which takes non-numeric, discrete values (e.g. ActivityType, StrokeType) are modelled as Enums.

For more in-depth explanations and examples, please refer to the Data Models section.