Creating your own production keys

For some providers such as Google Fit, you are advised to have your own application keys either because the provider requires it in there terms, or to simply avoid rate limits and separate your environment from the shared Terra keys.

Google Fit

Create keys on and fill the client id and client secret you get in the Terra dashboard.

The default scopes Terra uses are:


Essential scopes

calendar.settings.readonly is used for getting time zone information from users in order to properly localize their daily payloads
userinfo.profile is necessary in order to appropriately store Google user IDs on Terra's end


Requesting fewer scopes

You may select a subset of the rest of the scopes according to your application's needs, and let us know which ones you have selected so we can make the necessary adjustments on our end.

If any of the above do not show up when adding scopes to your applicaiton, make sure you have enabled the appropriate API in

Your app will need to be submitted for verification in order for these keys to be able to be used. The FAQs for this can be found here

You will need to create a video explaining how your app will use each of the scopes requested, and fill in some description information for it


  • Request an API key from
  • In you Terra dashboard, add Virtuagym to your connections under API > Connections > Add more
  • After adding Virtuagym, go the Virtuagym options
  • Fill your portal name in the client id, and your API Key in the client secret


Create a Huawei ID

This can be achieved by following the Registration & Verification guide


Identity verification

Through the Huawei ID Registration process, you will be asked to verify your identity.

Apply for the HUAWEI ID Service

This is separate from the Huawei ID registration - the service is what will allow you to then access various Huawei APIs). Follow the guide here for a step-by-step explanation on how to achieve that


Import parameters

Redirect URLThis should be set to ""
App access URLPlease get in touch with us to communicate about the value to be used here

Apply for Huawei Health Kit access

Please follow the guide Health Kit access [here] ( for an in-depth explanation of how to gain access to users' health data through Huawei Health Kit