2. Authenticating Users

Getting Started

Setting up

Authenticate Users

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Parsing Data

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Data Models

Connecting a wearable

To connect to a user's wearable using Terra, the user first needs to authorise Terra to read data from the wearable's platform. You have two options of facilitating this:

  • Using the Terra Connect widget (recommended): this is a pre-built frontend that shows your users a list of wearables to choose from and connect
  • Manual connection via the API (advanced): this option allows you to create your own frontend to show your users and uses the API directly to connect a wearable

Please note that staging & test environments are subject to a default user limit of 50 devices connected at once. Once the limit is reached, you will need to call Deauthenticate User to remove some connections, or will get errors upon trying to connect new ones

Managing users

The API provides endpoints to manage your connections: