October Updates

Backend 💾

New Integrations

  • Inbody
  • Biostrap
  • Ride With GPS

New Features

  • New option per dev-id: No longer enforce scopes for authentication
  • Terra User Model now returns scopes accepted by user
  • COROS integration now supports samples data
  • Steps and Calorie samples are added to Google Fit integration
  • Garmin payloads return manufacturer name in device data
  • Garmin payloads now send swimming and biking cadence

Bug fixes

  • Fix sleep payloads being improperly deduplicated
  • Fix Suunto not returning the correct activity end time
  • Fix webhook retires failing
  • Fix chunking of data requests being sent
  • Fix bug where sometimes Cronometer and Google timestamps were incorrect
  • Fix bug where WHOOP activity name and type were incorrect
  • Fix a bug where daily payloads for Google weren't sending due to steps missing


  • Added support for iOS 16 sleep stages (REM, CORE, DEEP)
  • Added custom permissions ENUM. You no longer need to communicate with HealthKit for custom permissions using our SDK.
  • Added redundancy to Background Delivery for it to trigger more often
  • Background Delivery for Body now triggers on added Blood Pressure data and Blood Glucose data
  • Sleep payloads are now grouped by "in bed" samples.
  • Fixed a bug where Background Delivery sometimes caused a mysterious crash
  • Fixed a bug where a user cannot auth when not connected to internet

  • Added new subscription type for STEPS using built-in pedometer
  • Fixed a bug where a user cannot auth when not connected to internet

Realtime SDK ⌚

  • Added support for streaming in-app
  • Added support to cache connected BLE device and connect directly on app start

Frontend 📺

  • Added new usage graphs in home page
  • Added customisation possibilities to new usage graphs
  • Added search by user_id for webhook histories
  • Updated and improved widget customisation page
  • Updated and improved data generator page
  • Updated and improved webhook interval changing page