August Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of August!

Backend 💾

New Integrations

  • Huawei Integration

New Features

  • Added posting workout data to Wahoo
  • Added posting data to heart rate and heart rate variability to Fitbit daily and sleep payload
  • Insulin, carbs, and activity data can now be retrieved from our Freestylelibre integration
  • Added heart rate and workout data for Oura
  • Added floors climbed samples to our data models
  • New Graphs API to display graphs of certain metrics
  • Speed samples are added to Google Fit and Apple Health workouts


  • Data generator now generates for new integrations including Omron, Dexcom, and Coros
  • Timestamps are now consistent across all data providers with microsecond precision
  • Allow developers to use their own API Keys to circumvent rate limits
  • Developers now get their own queue system and will not be affected by other developers' requests
  • Introduced writing scopes
  • Payloads now include API version


  • Fix Garmin epochs data not being sent
  • Fix Withings webhook and http requests
  • Fix incorrect field name for location samples
  • Fix activation timestamp for Freestylelibre sensors to return different values each scan
  • Fix authentication issue with Chronometer


  • Add ability to gather glucose and device data from callback from reading Freestyle Libre Sensors
  • Major improvements on background scheduling for each data type
  • Remove the need to call initConnection whenever the app opens
  • Pulls settings from your dashboard and our backend for the SDK initialisation! This includes users, permissions, and webhook intervals.
  • Completely asynchronous requests to our REST API within the packages.
  • TerraiOS main functions exposed to objC
  • Fixed Freestylelibre Pro reading without calibration values

  • Remove XAPIKey needs from the SDK. It now uses tokens!
  • Updated demo apps to reflect upcoming changes and additional functionalities

  • Bridges reflect the new TerraiOS and TerraAndroid changes.