April Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of April!

Backend 💾

New Integrations

  • Added integration with Underarmour
  • Added integration with Nutracheck


  • FreestyleLibre integration will now ensure that 2fa is set up appropriately for the user account during authentication to ensure that data fetching will work correctly.
  • Backend queues have been further split up to prevent a backlog of tasks causing severe webhook request delays.
  • Implemented support for timezone offsets when making requests to the Google Fit REST API in order to ensure that the requested days correctly correspond to the user's timezone.
  • Implemented manual and automatic payload tagging for Google daily payloads with the V2 data models based on whether any manually added samples have been included in the payload.
  • Added timezone information for Fitbit sleep payloads where possible.
  • Improved worker performance for webhook requests and removed invalid webhook URLs from our database.
  • Improved processing of IDs for specific providers to increase data anonymisation.
  • Improved Polar daily data requesting to prevent loss of data due to still-active transactions not being completed, as well as improving subsequent returns of the same requested data by caching the created transactions.
  • Improved payload deduplication to work better for body and nutrition payloads.
  • Improved data generator to correctly generate sample payloads for multiple versions of the data models.


  • Fixed Garmin cached payloads being stored with an incorrect timezone offset leading to minor inaccuracies when requesting the payloads for a second time.
  • Fixes an issue where Fitbit webhook subscriptions were not being created correctly for sleep events causing no sleep events to be pushed to our servers.


  • Allow scanning of FreestyleLibre 1 sensors directly using our SDK - available for Java/Kotlin and Swift.
  • Allow fetching of data from the Google Fit SDK on Android phones using our SDK.
  • Introduction of unified SDK for Android devices - TerraAndroid - this SDK allows connections to Samsung Health, Google Fit, and FreestyleLibre 1 all in a single SDK. The previous Android SDKs have been deprecated.
  • Introduction of unified SDK for iOS devices - TerraiOS - this SDK allows connections to Apple Health (HealthKit) and FreestyleLibre 1 sensors all in a single SDK. The previous Swift SDKs have been deprecated.

Frontend 📺


  • Added multiple language support for the initial widget splash screen.
  • Updated the widget with the new design.
  • Added more supported languages - you can now request any of the following upon widget session creation: ES, PT, FI, SV


  • Added new integrations to the website.
  • Minimised the CSS to improve page loads.
  • Small visual changes and optimisations.