2024 March Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of March 2024!

Backend 💾


  • Retry if rate limit extended to STRAVA
  • Laps data added for Suunto
  • Added SPO2 data for OURA
  • Provide accurate reason for auth failure when Oura user has no active membership
  • Redirect to Auth Failure if Auth URL expired

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where WHOOP daily webhooks weren't sent
  • Fixed a bug where PlannedWorkouts were not sending properly to Garmin for DISTANCE DURATIONS
  • Fixed a bug where Garmin sent swimming workouts with same start and end times
  • Fixed a bug where Fitbit Large Chunking were not sent correctly if "retry_if_rate_limited" was passed in
  • Fixed a bug where Withings Sleep webhooks were not sending correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Connection Errors were not sent if FreestyleLibre user's connection was severed

Graph API


  • Add in handling for abrupt connection interruption

  • Implemented remote backfilling (you can now backfill from the backend and SDK will trigger the backfill once the SDK is initialised on the app)
  • Added Wrist Temperature Delta for Apple Health
  • Fixed a bug where Athlete data were not sending correctly



  • Complete redesign on the UI for Graph API

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