2024 January Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of January 2024!

Backend 💾


  • Fitbit now returns Heartrate zones for Daily payload
  • Stress summary is added to Oura Daily
  • Tennis is now a activity type for Garmin
  • Added ability to cache data for faster requests
  • Added Device Manufacturer to payloads when available
  • Total active duration is now computed in the case only low, moderate or vigorous activity time is provided

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where data is not sent if the activities start date and end date is the same for Apple Health
  • Fixed a bug where Mongo DB connections were not capturing query parameters in host url
  • Fixed a bug where Oura was not sending sleep score for the first requested day in Daily
  • Fixed a bug where data is not sending if the data is empty when requested
  • Fixed a bug where data for ROUVY was not complete
  • Fixed a bug where Myfitnesspal's data was not being retrieved correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Freestylelibre's data was not being retrieved correctly
  • Update Oura integration to use V2 and removed all V1 usage API

Odin AI

  • Odin AI streams responses seamlessly now
  • Added notifications for Odin AI

Graph API

  • AGP graphs are now supported in the latest graph API version


TerraiOS v1.6.2

  • Added Localised error for each Terra Error type
  • Fixed a bug where HR Context was not sending as expected
  • Fixed a bug where HealthKit was requesting for no permissions

Android SDK v1.4.23

  • Fixed a bug where Health Connect had an error with aggregating Speed and Fat.
    • We removed this for now till they resolve this on their end


Landing Page


  • Added cn-ZH and cn-HK onto the widget


  • Added new data destinations:
    • Azure
  • Providers log page has been removed
  • Debug tools page speed up
  • Company Joins are now done through sign up
  • Payments for Graph API
  • Support now connects directly to your channel on discord support