2024 February Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of February 2024!

Backend 💾

New Integrations

  • Tenovi


  • Provide "created_at" field for user objects in all payloads
  • Implemented improved rate limits optimisations for FREESTYLELIBRE
  • Eight Sleep is temporarily disabled.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where workouts from ZEPP without any samples were not considered
  • Fixed a bug where manual input workouts to STRAVA were not considered
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the INSULIN PEN ID from FREESTYLELIBRE payloads were leading to incorrect device informations

Graph API

  • Graph API now supports generating Ambulatory Glucose Profile reports
  • Added more informative errors when something goes wrong (no data/invalid user ID, etc)
  • Minor visual updates for graphs:
    • Days with no data will now still be displayed, with no value attached (previously were skipped & time range was shortened)
    • X-axis date formatting now displays better on smaller screen

Terra V3

A new API has been in the works in the last year! This version promises:

  • Lightning Speed payloads ⚡️
  • Hulk Like Robustness 💪
  • Next level monitoring for Reliability 🖥️
  • Scarlet Witch's Reality-Altering Flexibility 🔮
  • Captain America's Unwavering Security 🛡️
  • Most importantly, Doctor Strange's Mystical Error Handling 🌀


  • Filter out 0 heart rate values as result of Warming up sensors
  • Allow streaming for RR Intervals via BLE Heart Rate datatype



  • ⚡️Even faster loading for debug tools!
  • Temporarily disabled Eight Sleep integration