2023 December Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of December!

Backend 💾


  • Catapult One


  • Added Heart rate context to data model (Depicting if heart rate was recorded during an activity or not)
  • Added Apple as an HTTP client.
    • You can now request data for Apple users just as you would for any other providers in http requests. However data is only returned if it has been synced into Terra via the SDK first.
  • Allow users with public diaries in Myfitnesspal to sync their diary data
  • Distance samples are now returned for Google Daily data
  • Allow data from connected third party insulin pens into Freestyle data to flow through
  • Added naps data for Garmin
  • Added HR Zones to Strava activities
  • Added new data field to depict when was the last time a device uploaded data under "device_data" field

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where activity summary IDs are sometimes not Strings
  • Fixed a bug where Zwift activity times were not accounting for paused durations
  • Fixed a bug where Zepp heart rate values were not correctly interpolated
  • Fixed a bug where a certain activity type was not being sent for COROS (Unknown type as not provided by COROS API)
  • Fixed a bug where Polar sleep data were not returning HRV data
  • Fixed a bug where Garmin sometimes send the outdated payload for the day
  • Apple average speed data in an activity is now returned correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Technogym did not allow authentications
  • Fixed a bug where Health Gauge did not allow authentications
  • Fixed a bug where Oura HR and METs samples sometimes returned data out of the metadata range.

Odin AI

  • Include user_id as a part of responses

Graph API

  • Graph API has gone through a massive infrastructure change that allows it to be:
    • Much faster at displaying graphs
    • Much more reliable


TerraiOS v1.5.3

  • Refine Workout Kit bridge to iOS
  • Resolve issues with background crashes
  • Add Heart Rate Context

Android SDK v1.4.21

  • Allow for Android 14

Terra Realtime SDK (React Native)

  • Allow for scanning and connecting to device directly without the TerraRTReact


Landing Page

  • Added AI Integrator
  • Visual UI updates on integration page, main home page, pricing page, and blog/podcasts page.


  • Fix French language on widget page


  • Added new data destinations:
    • Supabase
  • Added new processing type:
  • Data generator allows generating for a specific date
  • Improvement on Providers Health page, allowing you to see per hour updates
  • Improve on payload structure specification
  • Improve onboarding experience for Mobile