2023 November Updates

Check out what we've been doing at Terra over the month of November!

Backend 💾


  • Insiders Fit
  • EliteHRV


  • Allow activities to be retrieved from MyFitnessPal
  • Allow users to be "paused".
    • This does not mean deauthenticate, but rather we stop sending data for paused users.
  • Laps are now returned in Zwift Activities
  • BMI Is now calculated for Google Body data

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where SQL destination was not committing to database for MySQL databases
  • Fixed a bug where Zepp workouts were not sending properly
  • Fix a bug with units on Rouvy and Myfitnesspal workouts
  • Fixed a bug where timezones were not calculated correctly for Zwift Activity data (Laps)
  • Fixed a bug where Freestylelibre authentication would return a 500 due to 2FA selection issues
  • Fixed a bug for Trainingpeaks workouts where the end time does not consider paused workout times
  • Fixed a bug where Fitbit would only send workout summary payloads if the workout was a long workout
  • Fixed a bug where WHOOP users were not properly deauthenticated.
  • Fixed a bug where nutrition payloads were not properly deduplicated

Odin AI

  • OdinAI now has an HTTP response option instead of only sending to Webhook
  • Users can now set their own rules for Odin AI prompts

Graph API

  • Allow developers to plot custom data points
  • Added Caching for Fitbit Data due to rate limit limitations


TerraiOS v1.5.2

  • Allow PlannedWorkouts for iOS using Workout Kit feature
    • Enabled in beta version 1.5.3-beta

Android SDK v1.4.19

  • Update to latest Health Connect SDK


Landing Page

  • Update integrations page to show all allowed integrations


  • Fix Swedish language on widget page


  • A new Users page is given for faster debugging (https://dashboard.tryterra.co/dashboard/debug)
  • Added new data destinations:
    • Kafka
  • Added new processing type:
    • FHIR
  • Added new Referral Scheme! Any referred customer will get you 250 more users to your plan
  • New API Accelerator released! Can't find the integration you want? Simply request it to us using the API Accelerator.
  • Schemas are now given for every destination provided by Terra
  • New Graphs creation page for Graph API