Widget Configuration


In order to use the widget, you will need to provide some authentication parameters tied to your Terra developer account.

These can be provided in the query string as in the following HTTP example:


X-API-Key and dev-id are necessary parameters that always need to be passed in for your widget to work, and to allow us to link users signing up through the widget to your Terra developer account.

version=v2 must be passed in for your account to be registered on our new API version (V2.0), or else the authenticated user will be tied to the old API version.

Optional parameters

The widget is customizable and provides additional options for your to select what is displayed to your users.

Available providers

All providers that we offer integrations with might not be relevant to the services you provide. In that case, you may use the providers query parameter to restrict the ones your users see:


Which would have the page display as:

Selecting specific providers
Selecting specific providers

Provider names are case-insensitive.

Logged in providers

Knowing that a user has already logged in with a provider previously, you may pass in a query parameter logged-in (also case insensitive) specifying that they have already authenticated with a provider, which will gray out logged in providers for the user and allow them to deregister if tapped.


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